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Ancillary Services

Diagnostics Our on-demand diagnostic services include laparoscopy, gastroscopy,  colonoscopy, USS, ECG (AI CardioTrack Monitoring), Point-of-care blood tests, Echocardiography, Doppler Ultrasound Studies etc. Should you or your dependents require any of these, simply request it on-demand and a slot would be kept open for you. BOOK A DIAGNOSTIC APPOINTMENT here Endoscopy Our endoscopy unit is equipped and ready to assist you with any diagnostic and therapeutic intervention that you might need. Be it Upper-GI or Lower-GI, our scopes and units are ever-ready and prepped to ensure you get the best of care possible. BOOK A ENDOSCOPIC APPOINTMENT here Medical Outsourcing & On-site Clinics We are committed to partnering, developing and implementing onsite medical solutions that enables customers to have access to immediate healthcare services wherever needed. We serve as a trusted medical contract partner and work closely with customers to design and establish efficient, cost-effective solutions designed to cover a wide range of medical needs.   PARTNER WITH US TODAY by making a BOOKING via here; Pre-employment Screening Pre-employment medical assessments are a workforce risk management tool used to screen individuals for risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a job safely and effectively. Organizations recognize that people are their greatest assets — and a good health report can open doors to employment. At Restora, comprehensive pre-employment health screening are a possibility. We help organisations select healthy candidates as well as enable job-seekers meet the standards for new or better jobs. Our screening can be customized to suit any organisation’s requirements. ORDER ONE TODAY! Home Nursing Care Unlike in health care facilities, home care is more personalized and readily available to the sick person. Patients under home care may not necessarily have to wait, as is the case with institutional centers where a caregiver is responsible for several patients. At Restora Healthcare, we provide home-based nursing and medical care for the elderly and others who require treatment at home. Also, we are capable of supporting our home-based patients with an extensive range of home-care services, delivered by our dedicated team on-site doctors and experienced nurses. Your loved ones will receive warm, supportive and exceptional care that is none different from what we offer in the medical centre. For more information about RESTORA home-care services or to determine if this plan is suitable for you, please call our frontdesk on 08122724710, 09134037620. Or simply BOOK FOR AN HOME-CARE APPOINTMENT HERE!   First Responder Services (Ambulance & Hearse) Our facilities are equipped to provide first responder services that will cater to your health emergencies. Also should you need to hire a hearse for your function, look no further as you can count on us to provide one for your urgent need. Click here to BOOK for an Ambulance or a Hearse with us.