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General Practive

General Practice Restora Healthcare provides the best of professional, timely and empathetic hands to cater for all your health needs and concerns. Our walk-in outpatient clinic serves to attend to you and your loved ones in a soothing ambience, decked with the right diagnostic tools and staffed by the best doctors and nurses in town. Come right in or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with our GP and you’ll be glad you did. Specialist & Multi-specialist Clinics Restora Healthcare offers convenience and ease of access to any specialist(s) – local and international – that you need to address your health concern. Through the location of our facilities, our extended operating hours, high-quality clinical care provision and reduced costs amid an escalating disease burden, we are tailored to provide you the best specialized care as obtainable in the best countries of the world. Not only this, you can schedule multi-specialist consultations at our facility that best addresses your diagnosis and proffers needed intervention as best possible. Ailments like Cancer as well as few surgical procedures need holistic and multidisciplinary attention which our specialists can team up to provide you. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with our specialists today and get the best out of healthcare.   Urgent Care Restora’s care is matched by our skill and expertise. Our dedicated medical professionals provide urgent attention to every patient in need or it. Be it wound management or in stabilizing of traumatic conditions, we are equipped and staffed to respond as timely as possible in ensuring that life is saved and morbidity is reduced to the barest minimum. For more information about RESTORA urgent care services, please call our frontdesk on 08122724710, 09134037620. Or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with us today to schedule your care need. Telemedicine & Virtual Care We understand the busy schedule of the world we live in, the problems with access to quality care and the difficulties that you may face in coming down to our centre. Why not allow us provide you with quality care while virtually present with you. With our well-equipped and adequately-staffed VIRTUAL CARE UNIT, we are poised to give you a virtual care experience that is second to none. Also, we have the best Telemedicine providers (like Medics2You, UK) partnering with us in ensuring your health needs are made top priority. Simply BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW, and let’s get on with that consult. Health & Wellness While you cannot choose the state of health, you can consciously choose wellness by living your life responsibly and taking proactive steps for your well-being. Health and Wellness, though used interchangeably, connote different concepts. The WHO defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” and wellness is expressed as “a positive approach to living.” Health comprises the diagnosis of a disease/illness, predisposition to a disease, and any unexpected injury, while wellness is an active process of growth and change to reach your fullest health and well-being. It is associated with actively pursuing activities, making choices and lifestyle changes, controlling risk factors that can harm a person, focusing on nutrition, having a balanced diet, and following spiritual practices that lead to holistic health. At Restora Healthcare, we provide Wellness care plans that you and your dependents can subscribe to today for your optimal health and wellbeing. SUBSCRIBE TO A WELLNESS PLAN NOW by booking an appointment with us. Specialized Care Be it for fertility management (IVF, IUI, ICSI), physiotherapy or dietetics, our consultants are experts in health and social care. They are dynamic professionals who share our values and vision, and are committed to delivering complex, ambitious and innovative healthcare solutions. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with us today and get the best out of healthcare.